Camp Be’chol Lashon


Petaluma, CA and online


2 weeks





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A Multicultural Jewish
Overnight Camp

Camp Be'chol Lashon is a multicultural Jewish overnight camp and online program that teaches about global Jewish diversity, builds community leaders, and inspires a love of Judaism. In addition to activities like kayaking and canoeing, the success of Camp Be’chol Lashon is due to its innovative curriculum, Passport to Peoplehood, that raises awareness of Jews as a global multicultural people. We expand children’s awareness of themselves in relation to the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jews around the world, highlighting inclusion, diversity, and connection as hallmarks of Judaism.


Camp Be’chol Lashon has 2 one-week sessions for ages 8-12, with leadership opportunities for 13-18 year-olds, as part of year-round programming focusing on racial justice in a Jewish context including educational resources, diversity training, and media.


Camp Be'chol Lashon is located at the Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma. The 1700-acre site is about one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge in beautiful West Marin County, blessed with diverse habitat and wildlife. The ranch also hosts 20 miles of hiking trails, a four-acre pond, and an organic garden. We provide transportation to and from the airport for out-of-state campers.

Passport to Peoplehood

Campers have “Passports” and each day is devoted to exploring Jewish communities around the world through the art, music, dance, and cooking that defines each unique culture, as well as recognizing the shared values that connect all Jews. Fun, experiential activities and diverse staff establish diversity as an integral part of Jewish identity, in addition providing to a life-long support network for multicultural campers.

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