Think camp is out of reach? Think again! There are numerous grants and scholarships available to help make camp more accessible.

One Happy Camper®

You may be eligible for up to $1,000 off your first summer! One Happy Camper® grants provide up to $1,000 for first-time campers attending Jewish overnight camps across the nation. This incentive grant enables thousands of families to try summer camp each year regardless of financial need.


Our camps and local Federations offer camp scholarships to families with a wide range of financial needs. Even middle-income families can feel the pinch of the Bay Area’s high cost of living and are often eligible for financial assistance. You can learn more by inquiring directly with your camp and your Federation:

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley

Bay Area Israeli Families Camper Grant

Receive up to $1,500 for your child to attend camp at any participating Jewish overnight camp in California. Families must be California residents with at least one parent who was born and/or raised in Israel, and campers must be new and attending for the first time. Grants are limited. Contact your camp of choice to apply!

More Resources

Some synagogues and religious community leaders offer camp grants or scholarships.

Check with your camp about what they may offer.

Some camps offer a subsidy for families with a parent who works in the Jewish community.

Camp scholarships are also available from Jewish Family and Children’s Services (JFCS).

Hebrew Free Loan offers interest-free loans that may be applied to camp fees.